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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dan Abnett's Thunder & Steel

Thunder & Steel is an omnibus of Dan Abnett's fantasy novels. It contains Riders of the Dead, Gilead's Blood and Hammer's of Ulric. Though I do not typically read the Warhammer Fantasy novels, I have read these three back when they were originally published. For those readers who haven't had an opportunity to read them before, this is a good one. Riders of the Dead is a great novel about Kislev and a chaos invasion. Gilead's Blood is a series of short stories similar in layout to the second Gaunt's Ghosts novels. It is the quest of a High Elf to reunite with his kin on Ulthuan after the magic of his keep fails. Hammers of Ulric is the story of the knights of the White Wolf and their defense of Middenheim. All three are entertaining, though Gilead's Blood is probably the weakest.


  1. Really, of the 3 I think Gilead's Blood is my favorite. Maybe it is because I don't like the Empire fluff all that much.

  2. I didnt like it as much because of the disjointed way the narrative progressed. It felt like a series of short stories until the very end of the novel, that's all.