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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dead men Walking by Steve Lyons

Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons is the story of an Imperial mining world that discovers odd artifacts within their mines and mistakenly awakens a Necron Host. The Death Corps of Krieg are diverted to destroy the Necrons and 40k hijinks's ensues. For my normally lightning reading pace, this book was a sluggish read. For one thing, halfway through, Prospero Burns and God King were released. For another, the plot is slow to develop and felt like a 40k version of Cloverfield at times, only without the cool effects and stuff. I would rate this novel on the low end of the scale, it was barely entertaining, and the few parts that were felt like Lyons was skimming the apocalypse book and was pulling out random Necron formations to use for his fight scenes. The characterisation of the Death Corps is pretty spot on, but their lack of general human empathy makes them harder to sympathize with than the average Space Marine character. In short, I would suggest skipping this one unless you are a die hard BL fan or love the Death Corps of Krieg in all forms.