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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finished MKIV Ironclad

Normally when I paint an Ultramarine's model it gets a very clean, crisp finish. There isn't any weathering, just the model as it would be fresh off the embarkation deck. I've always wanted to build a bunch of servitors whose job it was to just clean the Ultramarine's wargear and vehicles.

The clean look doesn't really fit the "in medias res" feel of this Ironclad. For one thing it is bunker busting, so it should look a bit dirty from doing that. I've experimented with weathering before, and haven't always been happy with the results. You really have two choices when you decide to weather a model. First, you can paint on the weathering, while it still gives a smooth finish (and their are various mediums which can affect that finish) it is still just paint. The other choice is to use weathering powders.

I chose to use weathering powders for the MKIV Ironclad. However, I didn't go buy Mig or Tamaiya or even the Forge World weathering powders. Instead, I own a pair of chalk sets which I bought at Michaels. One has a bunch of earth tones, one has greys that range from white to black and a couple shades in between. This may be a cheaper alternative to weathering pigments, I'm not really sure. It just happens that I've had these chalks for a couple of years and only used them once - on a model I don't even own anymore.

To make the powder, just use some sandpaper (I have an assortment that ranges from coarse to fine) and grind the chalk into a powder. Then pick a brush that you don't plan to paint with anymore (or buy a cheap one) and liberally apply the chalk. Remember that it is basically dust, and the excess will get blown off when you prime.

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