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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Second Caestus

A little Christmas Elf brought me a second Caestus, so I decided this one should have the interior visible and painted. I went with just a silver metallic look, using Boltgun Metal, Devlan Mud and Chainmail, and I painted the lights yellow, using P3 paints, starting with Rucksack Tan, Sulfuric Yellow, then GW's Golden Yellow then p3's Cygnus Yellow.

I then Glued the booms together and used a vice to the parts together. One thing I hadn't noticed until this point was how warped the boom pieces were. Unfortunately, the vice only partially helped. Normally, hot water would help this problem, but having already painted the interior, I chose to accept mediocrity and just let the glue as they did.

For the rest of the Caestus, I pretty much followed the same painting scheme as the first Ceastus from the previous post.

I chose to put water slide decals on this Ceastus as well. For the best results, you need to seal the model first. I always seal with Testors Dullcote.

Once that is dry, apply Testors Decal Set to the area where you plan to place the decals. Then, cut your decals out and soak them in hot water.

Once the decal is ready, slide it off onto the model. Then apply another coat of Decal Set. When that is all dry, seal the model again.


  1. It hurts me to see the warpage on that. It'd drive me crazy until I fixed it somehow. The hot water shouldn't have affected the paint job at all once it dried.

  2. Aaaaaargh! Me too.

    Did you try and straighten it? Did you ask for a replacement part? Ach, such an expensive and pretty model.

    You've done a good job with painting it but that split. Aaargh! My eyes!

  3. I did try to fix the warping before It was built, but was exactly sure on how far to bend. Now that it is "done" I should give it a second go, maybe even try some epoxy along with hot water for a stronger bond.

  4. Try any 2 part epoxy resin to glue it together. I glued my Rever together with this stuff after it fell off my shelf (yeah, OUCH!) and im confident that it'll never fall appart again!!

  5. I was planning to pick up some epoxy. I've used it before (on my thunderhawks for one - helps strengthen the wing bonds). I'll heat the boom, to make it more malleable, apply the epoxy and then vice them together until the epoxy fully cures. If it works, Ill post an updated pic.