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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ultramarines 7th Company

I originally built my Seventh Company army for a GT way back in the early 2000's. I themed the army to be fighting on a volcanic planet, with lava flows on the bases. They are also fighting Necrons, and some of the models have Necron bitz which they are ripping off, or are on their bases. I used chalk dust to weather the models, creating a sooty, volcanic ash look. Another element I added was a number of Ultramarines with Death Watch shoulder pads to add some variety to the army. Later I added models to make the full company, and these just have grey bases without the weathering. Another thing I did was re purpose the first Tyranid Hunters squad I built to be the first squad for the army, which is why they have snow bases. At some point I need to update their bases.


  1. Marvelous. Once you finish the Ultras are you going to work your way through all the successors? ;-)

  2. Thanks for the great comments. Right now I don't plan on doing all of the successors. I'm doing a crusade army, but I want it to be representative of the loyalist first founding chapters. So I have a bit more than 1k of the Flesh Tearers to represent BA, Iv'e got about 700 pts of Disciples of Caliban for the DA, about 1k of Sons of Guilliman for the Ultras, and 1k of Hawk Lords to represent Raven guard. I'm not sure what to do for the Space Wolves. I'm toying with doing the Black Dragons using the wolves rules; and instead of Thunder Wolf cav, they would have Dragon riders, and the mark of the Wulfen would represent the marines with the crazy bone blades. Not sure at all about the Imperial Fists (though I do like the Black Templars), Iron Hands and White Scars. I am, however, also working on an Executioners army, that I will be showing work in progress pics of soon. It's for a Badab War, boarding action campaign (kind of) that me and HuronBH (from the Ganmer's Lounge) are going to do.

  3. Gorgeous. What an achievement. They look cohesive and the bases don't get in the way of the miniatures. Easier to say than to do.

    Thanks for sharing!