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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Imperial Armour vol. 10 Review

My copy of Imperial Armour volume 10, the Badab War part 2 finally came this past week. My main bar for the IA books, as well as the BL books in general, is do tthey inspire? Not just inspire you to go out and spend money on the latest hotness; but do they inspire you to build a new army, try out a new technique or style or paint scheme? IA 10 did so on a couple different fronts.

The main thing I was excited to see, was the section on the Executioners, and it did not disappoint. The coming weeks will be full of Executioners goodness as I paint up my boarding action force. It also gave me some insights on how to make the army a little more characterful, for instance the executioners replaced one of their devestator squads in their companies with a sternguard squad as part of their penchant for close combat. I was also delighted to learn they are an Imperial Fists founding, and so I won't need to add a different one to my crusade force.

The fluff on all of the other participating chapters are good, but that of the Star Phantoms, Exorcists and Mantis Warriors are interesting enough that I might try my hand at one of them. I also liked the Seige Breaker list, it is interesting and quite tank heavy as the rumors rightly reported.

Finally, the closing fluff for the Badab War is also good, the way the Executioners leave the war is pretty awesome, and while I thought the seige of Badab took longer, its resolution was pretty well executed. All in all this is a great book, if you have part one, you need part 2. If you haven't gotten either, I would suggest picking them up, especially if you are a power armor nut.

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