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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flesh tearers Librarian Dreadnought

The Librarian Dreadnought is the final piece of my Flesh Tearer's army, bringing it up to 2000 points. I'm a little disappointed that the codex takes away upgrades for the dread once it goes into Librarian mode, making it a very specific build, but I enjoyed making the model, especially the force weapon arm.

I used the same painting scheme as I have for my other Flesh Tearers, and modelled the dreadnought as a scaled up marine, so that the black spots are placed where they would be on a space marine model. I used layers of Mordian Blue, Ultramarines Blue, a 50:50 mix of Ultramarines Blue and Ice Blue, and an extreme highlight of Ice Blue for the blue on the psychic hood.

Finally, I used the standard base for the dreadnought, figuring that it matched the grey ballast that the rest of the army has.

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