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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grey Knight's Nemesis Dreadknight

One of my first purchases for my new Grey Knight's force was the Dreadknight. While it is very Aliens in its look (tempting me to name the driver Ripley), I do feel it is pretty cool. Here are sprue picks, since White Dwarf didn't feel the need to show them off.

The trend toward allowing for all of the options being offered on a sprue is pretty cool. It is great to see the development of GW's sprues over time and how much the detail has evolved on them.

Here are some WIP pics of the dreadknight. It is a pretty neat kit, that requires a bit of paying attention to the instructions in order to get it right. For one thing, the legs have extra hosing bitz that need to be inserted before gluing, and on the first leg I didn't realise this before gluing, so I had to pry the two pieces apart for the proper assembly.

When complete, there are two sub assemblies that are built, torso and arms; and legs and waste. There is also a flyer sized base that at the time of this post I haven't built. The Each piece has a peg that gives a slight bit of posability to the model in terms of turning to right or left. This can be glued (I eventually chose to do so) or can remain unglued for ease of transport.

The final choices for the modeller are what weapons to equip the Dreadknight with. I chose to use the Nemesis Great Sword and gatling Psilencer, however there is also the basic build of two Dread ccw's, or a Nemesis Deamon Hammer, heavy incinerator or heavy psycannon. One option that isn't really available to model is the personal teleporter.

My next step is to build a base that coincides with my Hunt for Delar theme, I intend to use chaos bitz to add to the base, in conjunction with ballast and some turf to make a rotting, Nurgley looking scene.

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