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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Finished Executioners (?)

I spent the last eek putting the finishing touches on my Executioners. The second tactical squad and Sternguard squads are now both ten man squads. I also built a five man Vanguard squad to act as a third assault unit.

I finally got to play some more Boarding Action games with my friend HuronBH last Sunday. We played two, one against his Chaos Marines, and one against some Howling Griffons. It was nice to see the army on the table, and get a feel for how it would work in games. One thing I learned, I need to shave off the melta bombs everywhere and add a captain. One character (especially one who is I4) just is not enough.

I lost the first game against Chaos. This one was a Sabotage mission and had three objectives. My biggest problem in this game, I shot myself in the foot, and started the tac squad and sternguard with the chaplain on the board, and kept the vanguard, terminators and Ironclad in reserves. Not a smart move, as it left my terminators bottle necked and ineffective. Which in turn allowed his greater deamon to assault an objective and win him the game.

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