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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Hunt For Delgar

Deep within the halls of the Augurium on Titan, a prognosticator lays out his Emperor's Tarot for the fifth consecutive time. He shakes his head, seeing the same results. Rebirth, Darkness Resurgent, Imminent Peril, The Azure Warrior and Hope Inverted. All of these images coalesced around a single name, that of Delgar, a Plague Lord of the Death Guard thought to be long vanquished almost a decade ago. "Prognosticator Majoris" called the frustrated Prognosticator. "I request you verify my reading."
Coming to view the cards, the Prognosticator Majoris observed them, then taking the deck he shuffled slowly, deliberately, then dealt. Seeing the same cards come upi yet again. He gathered them up and handed them to the waiting prognosticator. Revealing his own tarot, the Majoris then dealt again. Again the same reading followed. "I do not understand, I was but a prognosticator myself when this reading first was seen" spoke the Majoris. "The Ultramarines defeated Delgar, his ascendance to deamonhood was halted. His vile form was last seen mutating uncontrollably into some vile hell spawn."
"Somehow the Beast returns" replied the prognosticator. "The Brotherhoods must be warned."

When I came back to Warhammer 40,000 after a break during college, my arch nemesis became HuronBH of Blood & Blades and Gamer's Lounge notoriety. Lately our fued has cooled, much like the Redskins and Cowboys, owing in large part to my recent embarkation into the realm of fatherhood (and living a crazy drive away). However, the new Grey Knights codex has me longing for the days when HuronBH's Death Guard were throwing down against my Ultramarines. In fact one of the last battles we played where his Death Guard threw down against my Ultramarines was alluded to in the bit of fan fiction above. Though the game was a tie, my main objective was to kill Delgar and stop his ascension to deamonhood. Lately HuronBH has made mumblings of bringing Delgar back as some kind of uber spawn cum Deamon Prince. Hopefully, this little bit of fan fiction, and some work in progress pics of my new Grey Knights slaying chaos (most definitely going to be Nurge-esque at that) will inspire him to go back to his true love.


  1. LOL, ah those were good days. Give me a chaos codex that allows me to Nurgle it up like I used to and its on. I have a good number of the plague marines standing by waiting in the wings already. Though I do have a half finish Nurgle Daemon army that needs finishing one of these days too. Oh and I have the Spawn/Prince Delgar conversion figured out too, would just need to make a FW order to get the pieces.

    Perhaps... after the Death Watch are done.

  2. Death Watch ay? I'm sure it is only a matter aof time before chaos gets the Matt Ward treatment, and then they will be able to dominate.