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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Victories of the Space Marines

The latest anthology from the Black Library is called Victories of the Space Marines. This is probably not the best offering from them to date. Pretty much all of the stories are fairly mediocre, though there are a few that are worth mentioning. There is a second story from Gave Thorpe called "The Rewards of Tolerance" which picks up the thread of the rogue Avenging Sons from the last anthology. They are continuing there journey toward the Eye of Terror in this story and have to solve problems of navigation and supply. "Exhumed" by Steve Parker also picks up the thread of a Deathwatch Kill Team under the command of an Inquisitor code named Sigma who are tasked to retrieve something the Adeptus Mechanicus has discovered. There is also a reprint of the short story "Primal Instinct" from the first edition of Hammer and Bolter. All in all, if you aren't a die hard BL reader, I would skip this one.

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