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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gav Thorpe's Raven's Flight

To audio book, or not to audio book, that is the question. For many avid reader's, audio books are looked down upon, maybe even with disdain. I know I share that feeling to some degree. Why listen to a book when you can savor the words as you read it yourself? Hence the discontent with the BL's decision to release some works as audio books rather than in print. Then again, there is also the question of price - I paid $17 for Raven's Flight, and at the same time picked up the new Henry Zhou book for about $9. Which seems like the better deal?

Unlike some audio books, which are a dry reading of the prose - Raven's Flight was more of an audio drama. Sound effects and the narrator's use of infection to give each character a different voice and character. While I think gav Thorpe is a moderate to mediocre author at best, his works are usually entertaining. I think the audio format set out in Raven's Flight suits Thorpe's writing well, and this audio book nwas well worth the price. For fans of the HH series, I would definately recommend it.

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