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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thousand Sons list

So I have been contemplating a Thousand Sons army, and have been unable to really decide what is fluffy/thematic and what isn't. For example, the fluff states that there are only two kinds of Thousand Sons - rubric marines and sorcerers. So The 1k Sons boxed set would make up the main kit - providing the troop choices for the army. I would want a chaos lord, probably in terminator armor because I like that model kit. A squad of chosen in terminator armor as well to make up a retinue. But could I dare to take havocs or raptors? Are they even worth it. I've spent days trolling through Bolter & Chainsword's Thousand Sons forum, and really can't decide. I mean it's not like they are the Ultramarines, with a long, tried and true way of building an army. So I'm unsure of what to do, and even if the army would be worth building. But I have loved the Thousand Sons since I started playing back in '92 and keep putting off building an army. I suppose I could always make the army my own, with only a core of Thousand Sons. I guess this bares more thought.


  1. I have found the 1ksons to be very strong but they need a lot of help in assault. If you willing to take Berserkers it will drastically improve your armies capabilities. Themeatically it might be a little sketchy, but I have always figured since berserkers are lobotomized hulks of rage it wouldn't be too hard for a brilliant sorceror to trick them into fighting for him, and its not like the berserkers would want to kill the 1kson marines as they are just dust inside so there is no tasty blood for khorne. or even a skull for the throne.

  2. Remember that you can mark models with the Mark of Tzeentch. Instead of Berserkers let me suggest using possessed (modeled to look like Tzeentch Sorcerers possessed by Daemons) and Dreadnoughts for your close combat units. Also I would shy away from Terminators as they are not fearless and can be run down in combat as a body guard for your HQ. I'd use regular thousands sons personally. So the army could look like.

    Sorcerer HQ (and/or winged bird headed Prince)
    1 Squad of 9 Possessed in Rhino
    2 Dreadnoughts
    3-4 Squads of thousands sons in rhinos
    1 squad of thousand sons on foot
    2 Defilers

    I would put the unit on foot and the Sorcerer in the Landraider together.

    Just a thought.

  3. I haven'tnreallynthought about lists yet, to be honest. What about tzeentch raptors instead of possessed? I kind of want to go with a non-mutated theme (due to the rubric of Ahriman).

  4. I have not found raptors to be good. So it would be a theme vs effectiveness debate. And to that end I would say Berserkers are the most effective unit in that role. Also if taking Possessed (or berserkers) I would put them in the Raider instead of the 1ksons. They would like to assault the turn they pop out.