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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sons of Guilliman

This weekend I was able to finish a long standing project from my painting table; a tactical squad from Assault on Black Reach.version of the Sons chapter symbol. I definitely like the ease with which I can replicate a fairly decent table top To go along with this, here are some pics of the rest of the army.

The nascent army is mainly AoBR with a little help from the Chaos Terminator Lord and some other bitz. The head is from the Dark Angels infantry sprue, and the arms are the lightning claws from the Chaos Terminator Lord.

The terminators only have a cyclone missile launcher added on to give them a bit of a punch.

The dreadnought is straight out of the box with only the addition of a forgeworld brass etched number. One of things I like about this army is the blue versus white contrast, and how it enables me to practice painting white without making it monotonous.

Finally, the purpose of this post is to show off the newly finished tactical squad. My goal is to have at least 1000 points of the Sons at some point. Which probably means adding another tactical squad. In which case it will probably be las plas.


  1. I have always been a fan of the "quartered" look on Space Marines. It also doesn't hurt that blue and white are one of my favorite color combinations. Well done! You have almost inspired me to go and paint some Blackreach models... almost.

  2. Nice job. You had to follow in my footsteps and do a Quartered army scheme? ;)

    We still on for Sunday?

  3. @ HuronBH, you only wish I was following in your footsteps. I've actually had the one of those terminators was painted way back when AoBR came out for a B&C contest and the rest is probably contiguous with your Griffons (and more fully painted =) ).

    @Epic Empires Gaming, thanks for the positive comments. Hopefully when I get the second tac squad buitl and painted it will inspire you a little more. AoBR is great if you need figs on the cheap, but its modelling potential is quickly worn out.

  4. Agreed about AoBR. I have an army worth of terminators from AoBR that needs painting and I am just so uninspired.

    Oh and I have 1850 of Griffons done now.

  5. When will you have pics up, or do you already?