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Monday, March 15, 2010

Legion of the Damned

Though I bought a squad of Legion of the Damned during the first release round, they've sat primed on my desk for a while. Pretty much through all of the projects I've displayed on this blog (and a couple that is still haven't gotten to). Today I finally got around to painting them and even surprised myself by being able to finish them as well.

Though I still need to do some detail work with a Micron pen, the LotD are pretty much done. I think the level of detail on the daunted me for a while. That and a series of releases that drew my attention more - I'm still contemplating picking up another venerable dread.

This is the second LotD squad I have, the first was an original 2nd edition squad. I think at some point I would like to do a third squad using the other models that were released in the second wave. Plus I wouldn't mind being able to field the apocalypse formation GW created as well.

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