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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ultramarines Venerable Dreadnought

Last week I purchased the new venerable dreadnought kit, which I'm sure everyone who has a Space marine blog has either talked about, is talking about or will talk about. So here is my offering. I decided to give the kit a pre-heresy build, and used the chest piece that hearkens back to the Visions of Heresy art books from the HH card game. The same with the head and the close combat weapon arm.

The addition of the banner from the Ironclad adds a bit more heraldry to the model,and is one of four brass etched pieces form the Forgeworld Ultramarines brass etched sprue on the model. I opted to keep the inscribed battle honours on the knee pad and chassis as well, though I opted to cover them up on the Plasmacannon arm.

The dreadnought number is displayed on the plasmacannon arm, along with the addition of terminator honors and a purity seal. On the close combat arm I choose to model the heavy flamer, as well as add an Ultramarines symbol and the company number.

All of the writing and fake writing is done with a .005 micron pen, I find it to be more controllable than a brush at that level, though my handwriting is naturally messy so it makes it a smidge hard sometimes. To finish of the model, I based it with fine and large slate pieces from the GW basing kit, and a large resin piece. I also added a small bit of razorwire

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