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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Iron Hands Dreadnought

For this dreadnought, I wanted to build something that would offer the army ranged support as it advanced against the enemy. For that reason, I chose a missile launcher and lascannon build.
With this dreadnought build, I wanted to be able to use the larger pieces of brass etched from the Iron Hands Brass etched sheet. I chose to use one of the larger Iron Hands icons for the front of the chassis. For the weapon arms, I chose one Mechanicum symbol, and one for the Clan symbol on the missile launcher arm.
I began to use a few of the new GW paints for this model. For the base, I used Stirland Mud, then the old Bestial Brown and Snakebite Leather. The black is Abaddon black, with P3 Coal Black and Codex Grey for an edge highlight. The silver is still layers of Boltgun Metal, Devlan Mud and Chainmail. However, the white was done with layers of Ceramite White and White Scar. Overall, I like the coverage of the new GW paints, they are formulated better for one. The coverage is better on colors that are traditionally harder to get smooth single coats on black primer; like white, yellow and red. However, I still dislike the paint pots themselves.

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