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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wolf Guard Squad Leaders

I decided to build tow Wolf Guard to lead my Wolf Scouts and Grey Hunters. While they could got to either squad, I envisage the thunder hammer Wolf Guard going with the scouts, and the power weapon Wolf Guard going with the Grey Hunters. I mix and matched bitz from the Grey Hunters and Tactical Squad boxed sets to build these models.
While I currently have a sheet of the Harald Deathwolf Great Company transfers now, I did not when I built these models. That being said, I opted to model the wolf head shoulder pad and paint it red as one of the company alternatives shown in the Space Wolves codex. The other shoulder pad I decided to use one of the Wolf Guard shoulder pad examples from the codex as well, using one that was a pretty simple geometric pattern.
The gray was painted with old colors, P3 Ironhull Gray, Trollhide Underbelly and GW Space Wolves Gray. The red uses the new GW Mephiston Red, Evil Sunz Scarlet and Wild Rider Red. The yellow was painted with Averland Sunset,Yriel Yellow and Flash Gitz Yellow. The black is Abaddon Black and the bone is Ushabti Bone, Agrax Earthshade and Screaming Skull. The silver is old GW Boltgun, Agrax Earthshade and Chainmail. I'm finding I like the pigments, coverage and consistency of the new GW paints. However, I still hate the paint pots, they need to make something that stays open.

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