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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Space Wolf Lone Wolf

There are so many bitz on the Grey Hunter's sprues, as well as the Thunderwolf Cavalry sprues; it is hard to use them all in one build. As I was building my yet unpainted Grey hunters, I was thinking about other units I wanted to add to the army. The Lone Wolf is something that speaks to me on a lot of levels. For one, there is the idea of survivors guilt - the Space Wolf who seeks death because his pack has died and he was unable to join them, for one reason or another.
I decided that this Lone Wolf has dawned a Wolf Helm, partly because it is a cool bit with a nice throw back look, but also as it makes the model a little more enigmatic. I also wanted to use the lightning claws as his weapons, but add the buckle with combat knives as well. Wolf tails were added to Space Wolf-up the normal marine legs as well.
I used the new GW red paints on this model, so all of the red is layers of Mephiston Red, Evil Sunz Red and then Wild Rider red. I like these new reds, but I had not acquired a new orange shade yet at this time.

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