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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Space Wolf Thunderwolf Cavalry

The Thunderwolf Cavalry boxed set is a treasure trove of Space Wolf bitz. There were so many it made choosing the chest pieces, heads and weapons pretty difficult. In the end, I went with the Thunder Hammer (although the power axe is pretty sweet) and chainswords for the riders. While they all come with bolt pistol and bolter as well, I opted to model a holstered pistol and a magnetized bolter onto the legs, allowing the off hand to be holding the reins (which are invisible), wanting a somehwat more realistic pose.
The wolves were built somewhat ahphazardly, and it was only in the end I relaized how extensively bionic they could be. They were mounted on the bases they come with and a mixed coarseness ballast was added. The sergeant got the ruined Thousand Son torso.
The wolves are painted with GW Adept Grey, P3 Ironhull Grey and an extreme highlight of codex grey. The Space Wolves have layers of P3 Ironhull Grey, Trollhide Underbelly and Gw Space Wolves Grey. The silver and bone are respectively painted with GW Boltgun and P3 Hammerfeld Khaki, a layer of Devlan Mud and then a final layer of GW Chainmail and Bleached Bone.

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