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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Black Consuls

My Black Consuls force has started to grow to a decent size, and while it is not my ultima favorite army, I do like the look and results I've gotten so far. There are three scout squads, a librarian and Telos so far.

The models are primed black, and then the armor gets black, P3 Coal Black and then an extreme highlight of Codex Grey. The cloth is Shadow Grey, and the metallics are done with a Boltgun Metal base coat, wash of Devlan Mud and a final coat of Chainmail.

The numerals and chapter symbols are sketched in with a .005 micron pen, and then given a base coat of Astronomicon Grey, followed by a coat of Skull White. Then they are touched up with more Chaos Black.

Two of the scout squads are built from the Land Speeder Storm kit, and have strategically placed bits to make the poses look more naturally. The reloading bolter scouts are sitting on ammo crates, and one of the scouts has his foot on a resin chaos marine head.


  1. Once again, more close ups. How much more do you have to do for this crusade force?

    Oh and sorry but I do not have the cash to pick up and FW for you this weekend, but if you wait till mid September I will chip in to a FW order with you if you like.

  2. The consuls need another scout squad and I believe two LS Storms. The Hawk Lords are going to get 2 land speeders and a vanguard squad. The Sons of Guilliman are getting 2 rhinos, I have one built but need to do up another one.

    Probably best I dont drop any cash, I already have a caestus, set of MK2, and the boltguns preordered. I juts like the preheresy look. Honestly don't even know what I will do with em yet, maybe preheresy Ultras, maybe something different.