Shelfari Shelf

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I picked up the new horrors boxed set on Saturday, and above is the efforts of my building the models. For the price, this is a good unit with versatile use in regards to multiple armies across different systems. As a model building experience this was fairly easy. There are ten bodies, with pretty dynamic poses, either running or leaping. There is enough arms to give each model between two and four arms, and one can either add the musician and standard (which work in 40k and fantasy daemon armies) or go with the no musician or standard bearer and have just enough arms. There is also only one extra head, so if you aren't a fan of the birdie heads, you are stuck with at least two. I'm not a fan, but I chose to use three, with one horror being overly feathery. On the whole this is a good kit, especially for the price. I still like the prior incarnation more, with the horrors coming out of other horrors and such, it just had a more visceral feel to it; but these models are good and affordable.

Above are the painted horrors, which I used layers of P3 Beaten Purple, Murderous Magenta, a 50:50 mix of Murderous Magenta and GW Skull White and then P3 Carnal Pink as a dry brush highlight. The flames, feathers and gems are layers of Storm Blue, Enchanted Blue and Ice Blue. I did this as a sort of homage to the abandoned blue horrors which now only exist as a special character in the Daemon Codex and Army book.