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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ultramarine Thunderhawks!?!

Above are my three Thunderhawks, two are the standard Thunderhawk, the third is a Thunderhawk Transporter. I've done some converting on each one, though it is somewhat subtle, and all of them use the same paint scheme I have employed on the rest of my army, though the first Thunderhawk lacks the current layers of highlight, and instead just has a single extreme highlight of white.

My first Thunderhawk was given to me as a Christmas present back in the earl 2000's. It took aabout a month to build and only has one "conversion" really, that is the battlecannon has been magnetized so that it can be removed and the turbo lascannon can replace it. As yet, I haven't magnetized the turbo lascannon (or painted it) but eventually I'll get around to it.

My second Thunderhawk was the Thunderhawk Transporter, again a present, though this time for my birthday. This model also took about a month of work, though I spent it drilling out the grappler arms so that they are actually jointed. The magnetic clamps are actually magnetized and the fourth and fifth rhinos from my Fourth Company are equally magnetized for transport.

My third Thunderhawk was bought off a friend at a bargain price. Here I've converted the flight crew, so that one is moving along the flight deck while one is piloting. I swapped out the hellstrike missiles for bombs, and I built an assault squad of five marines that is preparing to jump out the rear hatch.


  1. Holy crap! You're three Thunderhawks ahead of me. I don't imagine I'll ever catch up, what with my zero. Good looking flock of birds!

  2. Really nice work on the Hawks.

  3. Corr blimey! Nice work, the blue's nice and muted. You got enough Marines to fill them all up?

    I've finished painting my third Dark Angels Thunderhawk this week -

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback, it is always encouraging. I actually have the whole Ultramarines chapter, though I've only got pics of the battle companies up on my photostream so far. Looking to have another company up later this month, though not sure which.