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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hawk Lords Captain

I chose to do somewhat of a cop out for my Hawk Lords captain, opting for just using the Shrike model. I feel like the conceptual aspects of the army I am planning aren't really designed around Shrike's advantages as a Captain - especially his exchange of Fleet for Chapter Tactics. However, the two squads of tactical marines previously built can benefit from it, and if I choose to, a squad of vanguard marines can act as a bodyguard for him.

I toyed with the idea of picking up the Forgeworld Raven Guard captain for this army, but the thunder hammer he is equipped with doesn't scream Raven Guard to me, and seems like a disconnect.

I followed the same color layers as I did with the tactical marines. The only difference is I opted for a layer of Hormogaunt Purple as a base coat, with a coat of Devlan Mud over everything.

The rusty oxidized base is also present, just like the rest of my crusade forces (though some need to be updated to the painted version, as I just didn't like the look of the unpainted red ballast. Kind of makes buying it - in retrospect - a waste, but oh well.


  1. Looking good. I'm interested to see him up close. Oh and in case you didn't see it, your 3 Thunderhawk post made it into the Tuesday Top 10 on FTW.

  2. I hadn't seen that, thanks for letting me know. I like how Hawk lord Shrike came out, probably going to do up some kind of vanguard squad for him to run around with at some point.