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Thursday, August 5, 2010

James Swallow's Nemesis

I just finished Reading James Swallow's Nemesis. This is the latest novel in the Horus Heresy series from the Black Library. Swallow gives us a peak at the early existence of the primary six assassin temples in this novel. Fans of the 40k fluff will be especially interested to meet or gain a bit more depth on both the Vanus and Venenum temples. The plot of Nemesis is pretty straight forward, the Master of Assassins has dispatched a team of assassins, one from every temple, to kill Horus. After all somebody has to. Previously, no single assassin has been successful, so a team of the best (living) are sent to do the job. Meanwhile, someone is killing people ritualistically on an Imperial world. These two plots are woven well, and when they finally come together it is quite interesting. I enjoyed the novel, especially the insight into the assassin temples. In some ways I thought the assassins seemed under powered, but then again, that is a bit refreshing considering how over the top they are in game, as well as in some other fiction.

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