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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Disciples of Caliban Terminators

Knocking off another item from my painting bench, I have finished my Disciples of Caliban terminator squad. I'm not super proud of their chapter symbols, but I think the level of difficulty and lack of practice are what keep them from progressing. The sergeant is made from the Dark Angels sprue legs, sword and storm bolter arms, and the other four terminators are Assault on Black Reach - in fact three are sergeants; though the odd purity seal was used to add some variation. The assault cannon terminator has the Dark Angels assault cannon as well.


  1. Nice job, you are really chugging away at this army.

    So in personal news, I have decided to paint 2K of BAs for the Open (Which is a weak from Saturday). Everything is at least primed, should be interest.

  2. Thanks, I figured I had to show you that the terminators weren;t gathering dust unpainted. Now they can gather dust in true style - with paint on them =) Actually, I'm trying to clear my painting table, as I've decided not to buy anything until I do; and I really want the Caestus, for completeness of collection if nothing else.