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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Andy Hoare's Savage Scars

Andy Hoare's Savage Scars is the third book in his Damocles Crusade trilogy, though he doesn't name it as such. In truth, though this novel is billed as a White Scars novel it really isn't, merely featuring the veteran sergeant Sarik of the White Scars. That aside, this novel recounts the invasion of Dal'yth and the final stages of the Damocles Crusade. It is not well written, Hoare tends to use the same phrases over and over again. And, while those familiar with the Tau codex know what happens in broad strokes, it has a level of predictability that goes beyond knowing what happens to being able to see how everything works out for the main characters well ahead of time. That aside, if you have read the other two novels, you might as well read this one as well. It is entertaining, just don't expect to be amazed.

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