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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dawn of War II: Retribution

I picked up Dawn of War II: Retribution on March 1st, when it came out. For those of us who enjoyed the last two games, this is, simply put, a must buy. For starters, this is no longer just a Space Marine game with an online component. The campaign system allows players to choose any of the available races for a campaign. At this point, I'm about halfway through the Space Marine campaign with intentions of running through each race's campaign. I'm not a big online player, I enjoyed Call of Duty and Transformers: War for Cybertron, but the randomness, and the temperament of some of the people out in the world of online games is a pretty big turn off. The experience component is still intact, with wargear customizations avalable as well. Foir me though, the biggest lure is the story, which continues the plight of the Blood Ravens in the Aurelia Sub-Sector. In short, for video game players, go out and buy this. It is a stand along game, and is a great substitute for not being able to play Warhammer 40,000 on the table top.


  1. would you care to post some spoilers for people who are interested in the story but not the game?

  2. Good deal - I will have to head out for this one. I just finished up the Chaos Rising one a few weeks ago. How long is the campaign for the Space Marines? I was surprised by how short the Chaos one was, especially compared with the original.

  3. The campaign for the Blood Ravens took about two days for me to get through and is about 15 boards or so. I started the Eldar one, it has a similar plot and then decided to see how the Tyranid campaign is handled. I'm halfway through the tyranid campaign now but haven't played as much.


    The Blood Ravens chapter master Kyras has declard Gabriel Angelos and the marines who follow him (including the characters from the first two games) to be heretics. Captain Diomedes, who you fight in Chaos Rising, is now your commander and trying to bring order to the sub sector. The Ordos Malleus is on its way to execute Exterminatus on all of sub sector Aurelia. The only way to stop it, find out if Kyras really is in league with chaos. News flash, he is. It takes some time for you to discover irrefutable proof, but it is done and the end is pretty awesome, both the last board (it is the Deamon Prince in the preview) and the cinematic afterwards.

  4. Is this a stand alone game or do you need to have any of the previous game in order to play it?

  5. It's a stand alone. dont need anything but the game itself and a computer that can run it.