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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blood Gorgons by Henry Zhou

Has Henry Zhou redeemed himself in my eyes with Blood Gorgons? Well, maybe. First off, this novel expands on the last, which introduced the Blood Gorgons as a traitor space marine force in the Bastion Stars. Zhou basically characterizes them as traitor marines with evident mutation (in the form of coral, fungal or shell like appearance); but they are somewhat recently turned traitor. They are corsairs who prize freedom, but still have elements of their Astartes heritage in tact. The Blood Gorgons also suffered a chapter war, as each company captain carved out a fief of his own. It was only the intervention of their lord, Gammadin, who welded them back into a chapter again. This novel examines what would happen to them if Gammadin is taken out of the picture. With a greedy sorcerer in league with plague marines, and the new hotness - Dark Eldar - this novel is set to have some interesting machinations in place. In the end it was pretty good, and only the arrival of IA 10 caused me to put it down for an extended period.

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