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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Executioners part 2

Finally inreciept of my copy of Imperial Armour 10, I was able to move forward with my Executioner's project. The first difficulty I had to overcome was choosing the primary color for the chapter. At first it didn't seem to be very straightforward, witha dark blue (possibly metallic) or grey as the main choices. IA:10 has a square with the chapter insignia framed in grey, when I finally realized this I ended up going with Shadow Grey as the main color. Eventually I plan to build up to 1500 points, but here is the beginning.

First I painted all of the silver sections with Boltgun Metal, then a wash of Asurmen Blue with a final coat of Chainmail. Next I painted the gold sections with Dwarf bronze, a wash of Devlan Mud, Shining gold and an extreme highlight of Shining Gold. This was mainly the Sergeant's backpack. The Broze section got a second coat of Dwarf Bronze and then a highlight of Shining Gold.

I used a .005 Micron pen to line in the Shield for the Chapter symbold, and then all of the red sections were painted Scab Red, Blood red and then given a highlight of orange. The Axes were lined in and filled with the Micron pen as well.

The grey was painted with Fenris Grey, Shadow Grey and an extreme highlight of Codex Grey.

The terminator bases were made with pieces of brass etched from the 40k basing kit and thin plasticard.

I choose to build the terminators with two Storm Shield and Thunder Hammers, and three Lightning Claws. These are to be the main spear head for boarding action games.

Although i added the stipling to simulate writing on the purity seals, I still need to go back and add names for two of the terminators who have scrolls. Unfortunately Thulsa Kane is the only name I know so I'm looking for Conan-esque names.

The Chaplain had his shoulder pad retouched with Shadow Grey and then the chapter insignia painted on with the method described above.

Next up, an Executioner's Ironclad!

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