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Thursday, March 31, 2011

James Swallow's Garro Legion of One

The latest installment in the Garro audio books is Garro Legion of One. In this audio drama, Garro has picked up a second recruit, a World Eater named Lazlo Varren (I am unsure of the spelling) and they have headed to the planet that will see the culmination of their mission and, if successful, a return to Terra. What is known, is that it is a world that Horus has devastated, and they seek someone here. At the same time, a madman named Cerberus is roving the area slaughtering all in his path. I could tell you what happens when they meet, but it would ruin the surprise! This was another great story of Garro, one which I enjoyed listening to while painting my Executioners. If you are have listened to the last Garro audio book, definately pick this one up. Next book up, Victories of the Space Marines.

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