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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flesh Tearer's Storm Raven

Today I present my Flesh Tearer's Storm Raven. I got it back in the middle of February as a birthday present from my wife. I built it in five different pieces in order to be able to paint the interior elements of the model.

I left the clear plastic windows out and primed the model red using Duplicolor spray primer. I then applied a base coat of Boltgun Metal to all of the elements that would be metallic and gave them a wash of Devlan Mud. Then a coat of Chainmail finished the silver sections.

The Interior was painted Chaos Black. I also used the panel lines to choose sections to be painted Chaos Black as well. The exterior sections were then given an extreme highlight of P3 Coal Black.

Any interior writing was done with Scorpion Green.

The exterior, as well as the techmarine pilot were painted Scab Red, Red Gore and then given a highlight of Blood Red.

The base was covered in a mix of different coarseness of ballast. I put the flying stand on the model to make sure it would fit on the base. Then primed the base black and painted it grey.

Once all of the sections had been painted, I used canopy glue to atatch all of the clear plastic sections. Then I assembled the model.

Though I haven't painted any Flesh Tearer's symbols yet, I will probably get some Forge World brass etched to put on later.

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