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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blood Ravens Devestator Squad

The second to last unit I am building for my Blood Ravens is a Devastator Squad. This was always my favorite unit in Dawn of War II, and probably in the 40k game as a whole. I decided that missile launchers would be good to model, as they are the most versatile heavy weapon in the game.

I kept the modelling simple otherwise, adding in the pouches and grenades that the marines come with. I also wanted to keep the chest plates simple, using the skull or hosed one for the missile launcher marines, and the double headed eagle for the sergeant. Finally, I only had one of the Devastator backpacks, and I've come to prefer them for kit bashing techmarines, so I used the flat backpack with the tiny skull in order to model the missile ammo.

I stuck with the same color pallets that I used on the previous models, and have been trying to focus on cleaning up the Blood Ravens symbols to make them just look better. The last unit I'm going to build for the Blood Ravens is a dreadnought, inspired by Davian Thule's. Look for that sometime soon.

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