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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Salamanders Tactical Squad

I read on Bolter & Chainsword, a while back, a discussion about what a Space Marine army should have in terms of points efficiency. One thing that was suggested is that Tactical Squads are not really good at shooting or assault, and by using additional points to magnify one of those aspects of the unit to be better at one of those aspects of the game is inefficient points wise.

With that concept in mind, I built this tactical squad to use only the base points required for a full squad. Since the Multimelta is free, I decided to use that over the Missile Launcher, with an eye to the squad either being in a Land Raider, or eventually if I scale the army above 1000 points, inside a Rhino. I also kept the Flamer, and gave the sergeant a Bolt Pistol and Chainsword.

The squad was kept to a basic build, though every model has Frag grenades and some kind of pouch. To keep with the concept of the Salamanders being master craftsmen and having the resources to build the finest quality equipment, every model in the squad has an MkVIII Errant armour chest plate. I used the same color palette as I did for the Land Raider and Captain.


  1. I like the shade of green, but the pics look a little too dark to be able to pick out all the detail that I'm dying to see.

    It looks like you used the Salamander transfer on their shoulderpads. It makes for a nice contrast to the dark model with the white skull on there. Those can be tough to get in place given their size and shape. Nice work.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Thanks for the great comments Ron. I probably have one of the most horrid photo setups, it is something I definitely need to work on.

    I did indeed use the Salamanders transfers, mainly out of laziness. I probably need to go back and touch up the spots over the carrier film, but I will try to get some better pics of the next tactical squad I do.