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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition

I spent a lot of time going to the three Games Workshops stores in my area (I live in MD so they are everywhere) trying to find Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition with no luck. Eventually I decided to just order it from Games Workshop's website, and was able to get it within the week. I mainly wanted to pick it up for the Contemptor rules. Having one, I was interested in the rules, but I was more interested in seeing how available the Mortis pattern Contemptor was. I was definitely happy to see that it was now available as a Heavy Support choice for all Space Marine armies. Since I wanted to build one with two Kheres Assault Cannons and the Cyclone Missile Launcher - look for it in the future.

I was pleasantly surprised by the scenarios at the back of the book as well, one is for an imbalanced apocalypse game where the defender mainly has ground power, and the attacker mainly has air power. I'm hoping to convince someone to play it with me (if I do, I'll definitely take pics and post).

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