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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dan Abentt's Thorn and Talon

Catching up on my Black Library reading, I finally picked up Dan Abnett's Thorn and Talon. This audio book, actually has three short stories on it, recorded on two cd's. The first CD has two new stories, "Master Imus's Transgression" which is the story of an accountant that feels he has committed a "transgression." This tale is set while Eisenhorn is still an interrogator. The story is amusing and well written, and worth the price of the CD by itself. The second story, "Regia Occulta" is another well written offering. This time, Eisenhorn is a newly minted Inquisitor on a routine investigatory circuit through the Helican Sub. Stranded on a world racked by storms, he takes part in a murder investigation out of boredom more than anything else. Finally, the third story, "Thorn Wishes Talon" has been previously published, it is the prequel short story to the Ravenor series. One thing that stands out in these stories though, is the increasing quality of the black Library audio dramas. Well worth the price, and a must by for Eisnhorn or Abnett fans.

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