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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Salamanders Captain

While I am still in the final stages of my current project, the Blood Ravens, I wanted to do a quick sneak peak for my next one, the Salamanders. One of the great elements of the Devastator boxed set, is one can build six space marines out of it. Especially if one has a pretty extensive bitz box. I chose one of those leg pairs for my Salamanders Captain.

To emphasize the skill and craftsmanship that the Salamanders posses, I decided that every model will have unique armor, and that as many as possible will have Mark VIII power armour. I filed off the skull at the top of the Mark VIII chest plate, and then proceeded to build the model, leaving off the backpack. I add all of my bitz, and the thunder hammer and arms from the Death Company boxed set, being careful to remove any blood drops in evidence.

Next i sculpted a cloak for the model, by rolling out a wedge of green stuff flat, and cutting it roughly rectangular. I then added some curves to simulate motion. I used my standard pallet for most of the model. However I painted the armor in layers of P3 Gnarls Green, Iosan Green and an extreme highlight of Wurm Green. I added a layer of Ordic Olive to the cloak in between the Gnarls and Iosan Greens as well. For the cloak, I tried to paint U's in order to simulate scales. I'm not one hundred percent sold on this, but I think it is a good start at the technique.