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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Mantis Warriors Vanguard Squad

One of the last two squads for my 1000 point Mantis Warriors army is one of two Vanguard squads. Initially I built five models with power weapons, and then five models with power fists, but I decided it would be smarter to mix and match them as well. This squad has three power weapons, two power fists; with one of the power fists also having a storm shield.

There wasn't an example of the veteran squad shoulder pads in the second Badab War IA book, so I turned to my copy of Insignum Astartes. Most of the Veteran shoulder pads are variants of the Crux Terminatus, but the least stylized is a simple cross across the shoulder pad. This is what i chose for the veterans in this army.

The storm shield was painted with a horizontal line, somewhat inspired by pictures in the second Badab War IA book. Only after the fact did I realize it was done diagonally, but a horizontal line is just as good to me. Otherwise, the models are painted like the rest of the army.


  1. I'm assuming freehand for all those chapter icons? That's impressive.
    I like the hade of green, not bright and pure, but slightly muted it looks like. Have you consodered applying a wash to the recessed areas to really make the armour plates pop? Maybe Devlan mud or even red?
    Just a little somethign to define the shapes of the amrour.

    Ron, From the Warp

    1. Thanks for the comments, You are right, the icons are all free hand. It isn't quite as impressive when seen up close, but they do look good on the table top. I have thought about a wash, but I'm not sure how it would effect the green, as I like the shade. I'll have to experiment and post the results.