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Friday, April 27, 2012

Void Stalker

Aaron Dembski-Bowden's latest offering is Void Stalker, the third book in his Night Lords' series. This novel sees the tenth Company returning to Tsagualsa - the place of their Primarch's demise - only to find it populated. What follows is a campaign of terror followed by the predicted appearance of the Eldar to make things interesting. I have mixed feelings about this novel. For one thing, the rumors which floated my way turned out to not be true in regards to its plot, or at least only held fragments of what would be involved - the Eldar. By this point I'm also kind of disappointed with Talos' development as a character. The continuation of his denied role as leader or prophet to his legion is so anti-protaganistic it gets frustrating. Still, I found the plot and action of the novel to be fast paced and have enough inertia to move the story forward with some tantalizing foreshadowing. The later half of the novel is especially well done, and worth plodding through the maudlin beginning to get to.

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