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Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Forge World Toys

My latest Forge World order arrived the other day. In it were three items, two of which are shown on this blog post. First is the MKI Predator, which will make a nice addition to my Pre-Heresy army.

This is a great kit, offering the builder the chance to make either an Annihilator or Destructor. There are those who believe that the autocannon, lascannon sponson build is the most economical, however I've always been a purest when it comes to Predators. To that end, I will probably build the anti-tank variant, as the Pre-Heresy army I've been slowly building seems to have a good amount of anti-infantry ability.

I've been wanting the Valspex model for quite a while, but just hadn't gotten around to picking it up. Mainly for the conversion beamer, which I think looks real cool despite not being that effective a weapon. But it does add a completeness element to my Ultramarines collection.

I initially built the model witha pointing power fist, however I suppose I should have read through the codex to double check a Master of the Forge's wargear choices, as it is illegal. So I went back and made some changes.

I used a daemon hammer from the Grey Knight's kit and shaved off the Inquisition symbols on the end. Then added the the Ultramarines and Machina Opus shoulder pads to finish the model. I have other plans for the whip arms, so expect to see them in a future project.

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