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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Second Mantis Warriors Vanguard Squad

The last Mantis Warriors unit in this 1000 point block is a second vanguard squad. This one has three power fists, one with a storm shield and two power weapons. I mix and matched bitz from the Assault Squad and Death Company boxed sets to finish the squads.

I stuck to the same colors from both GW and P3 as I have been using for the whole army. While it had been suggested I try giving the models a green wash to tone them down a bit, I've found myself like the lighter green and decided not to experiment with it.

While this army started out being inspired by my friend HuronBH over at Blood&Blades, I've definitely decided to move in a different direction. I see it more of an outflanking and mobile army than one that uses Khan as a spearheading assault element. To that end, I plan to make sure just about every unit will be mobile when the army is expanded.

When I come back to this army, I will be adding three razorbacks, either an assault squad or a third vanguard squad, and then some heavier fire power in the form of a predator or whirlwind. Using Ko'sarro Khan, will let the army outflank every time, and the vanguard squads will either deep strike or outflank as well. The last unit that would probably be added would either be a scout squad or full tactical squad to hold an objective in those type of missions.

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