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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Age of Darkness

There are seven years between the Dropsite Massacre and the Battle of Terra. Age of Darkness begins offering up the first snatches of what is going on in the Imperium during that time. The Horus Heresy reader, now has only a few events to look forward to seeing in print, Signus Prime, Calth (though we have seen snatches) and the Battle of Terra itself. Every short story in this collection is worth reading, and has a baring on what comes after. Definitely a must have for the HH fan. Casuals readers who haven't read all of the books, or at least haven't read the key plot related ones may feel the gaps while reading this collection, but each short story is nicely self contained. I think in this book, we see the selected BL authors who are taking part finally hitting their stride on the series.

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