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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Grey Knight Terminators

My first troop choice for the Grey Knights is a terminator squad. I like the idea of the inverse troops, with the Terminators being the main line force, and the fact that they teleport deep strike kind of fits the theme I want to have with the Interceptors, and the Dreadknight with personal teleporter.

I built these guys with halberds mainly, as I like the initiative bonus. I also added a psycannon to add to the shooting power of the army. To continue with the Nurgle infestation theme, I added chaosy bitz from mutation spure to the bases, and posed them as eruptions of the sort, as if the planet were attacking the Grey Knights.

I used the same palette for the terminators as I did for the Interceptors. At some point I want to add greenish yellow flock to add a blighted ground effect as well, but I haven't made the purchases yet, so look for that in the future.


  1. Really great paintjob mate, really like the blades.

  2. Thanks, Ive had those P3 paints for a while.