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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black Consul's Captain

With this model, I've come back to my Black Consuls army. While it is still under 500 points, I plan to finish it up soon. This army picks up on the blurb from the Space Marine codex pertaining to the supposed destruction of the Black Consuls. I decided this would be a neat way to build an army like the Crimson Fists, with lots of scouts and a small cadre of veterans training them.

This captain is only the second power armored model in my Black Consul's force. I built him using Sanguinary Guard bitz and add a cloak with green stuff. After that, the model was primed black, then I used my standard layers for all of the colors. It was an easy model to paint, because of the limited pallet choice.

The one thing I wanted to convey with this model, is that he is an experienced, older marine. Possibly before the tragedy the Black Consuls endured, he would have been relegated to non combat duties, but necessity has forced him back into action. I mainly gave him grey hair to convey this.


  1. Really cool little mini mate.
    I really like the base.

  2. Thanks. I've been saving that piece from the 40k basing set for a long time now.